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al0h4-grom asked:

hi I just created a new acc dedicated to surf stuff ect. but I am also a huge diy person. I need some new ideas for decoration in my room. I thought about maybe something that I could make out of seashells?? thanks ☺️


Hello there,

Congratulations on your room, I bet it looks fantastic!


Here are some DIY crafts with seashells:

DIY Simple Shell Candles | Everything Etsy

A simple, easy craft that turns ordinary shells into cute candles!

DIY Beach Seashell Coasters | Creative in Chicago

Coasters for any space made with hemp rope and mini shells.

DIY Oyster Shell Candle Holder | Waterside Cottage Styles

Make a statement in any room with this DIY centerpiece!

Here are some other DIY projects you might enjoy:

DIY Faux Red Coral | The V Spot

A unique decoration for any room.

DIY Beach Inspired Mason Jars | A Pumpkin & A Princess

You could use the mason jar for a vase for flowers, as a pencil holder, change holder or you could even place some shells inside!

DIY Rope Mirror | Apartment Therapy

Easy & cute mirror. 

For more decoration ideas & projects click here.

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